“CRITICS PICK! Can’t-miss viewing for culture heads! Vital, full-blooded, way-too-rare video footage of America’s crackup as the Sixties crashed into the Seventies”  – Alan Scherstuhl; Village Voice


“A feast for those of us who love the delicious taste of old-school video.”  – Sherilyn Connelly; San Francisco Weekly


“Today, the world is full of Videofreex.”  – Twitchfilm


“An intoxicating experience! loving, insightful, and engaging”  – Oktay Ege Kozak; indieWIRE / Playlist


““Here Come the Videofreex” is not only recommended to A/V nerds who might be interested in the beginnings of consumer video technology, but to anyone who’d like to get a unusually raw, real, and resonant look at the tumultuous ’60s and ’70s in USA.”  – Oktay Ege Kozak; indieWIRE / Playlist


“The utopia they envisioned has yet to materialize, to say the least, but seeing their efforts is heartening.”  – Glenn Kenny; New York Times


“Whoever coined the phrase “the revolution will not be televised” probably didn’t know about the Videofreex.” – Wall Street Journal 


” Enormously entertaining! A wild ride.”- Hammer to Nail 


Here Come the Videofreex should become mandatory viewing in journalism schools…the film delivers an illuminating and moving portrait of these largely unknown, intrepid renegade journalists who were the forerunners of both public access television and the contemporary freelance reporting that has become the bedrock of countless news outlets.”    – Hollywood Reporter


Fascinating…an illuminating and moving portrait.” – Hollywood Reporter


“[Here Come the Videofreex] is not only enormously entertaining, but precious as a vital historical record of the foundations of our current media age.  – Hammer to Nail


“Fiercely individualistic, oblivious, and even resistant to the channels of mainstream culture, their sprit hovers over independent cinema — both in what it has lost and how it can be found.” – Craig Hubert, ARTINFO


Pick of the Week  – Art In America


“What we take for granted, they pioneered.”  – Durham Herald-Sun







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